The Story of Merchiston Homestead

Welcome to Merchiston – A 20th century classification 1 Historical Homestead which stands on a terrace of the Rangitikei River just 2 miles from Rata. It is the home of the Rowe Family and spans back 5 generations to when two early pioneering families became united on the 12th May 1886.
John Hammond from York Farm and Edith McKelvie from Flock House, Parewanui.

Enjoy your visit to Merchiston. Study the strong lines of the building, typical of the work of J.C. Maddison the architect. Note the excellent condition of the timbers and the fittings, a tribute to the craftmanship of the men who built the house and worked on the joinery. As you wander back through the gardens and look back at the house spare a thought for that remarkable woman, Edith Hammond, who made it all happen.

At the centre lies the farm and the family who share this treasure with us so willingly. The story of Merchiston is the story of a farm and a house, and a family which has lived there for over 100 years.

Tour Packages

Homestead & Garden

Enjoy a full tour of Merchiston Homestead before
kicking back and enjoying the tranquility of the
grounds and gardens


Take your time and enjoy the tranquility
of the Merchiston Homestead grounds
and gardens